Monday, October 11, 2010

Let me introduce myself, and explain what I am doing here.....


I am Holly.

Why am I starting a Blog?

I am glad you asked! Because, frankly, I am a talker and I have a lot of opinions.

Why Confused Christian Cowgirl?

Because those are the bare bones of me: I am at the deepest level 3 things:

A Christian
A Cowgirl
And Confused

There are a lot of things in this world that I am sure about:

1. I know that air conditioning is the greatest invention ever
2. I know I married the man that God chose for me
3. I know that there are TONS of amazing people in the world
4. I know I would make a great actress

But there are a lot of things in this world I am confused about:

1. Why we don't have some kind of "U turn" signal (Like a turn signal) on our cars?
2. Why there aren't breathalyzers on every car sold in America?
3. Why can 18 year olds go to war and not drink a beer to say farewell?

My blog is basically going to be a stream of consciousness.

I will ask questions and pose thoughts. No one, I repeat NO ONE is to be judged for something that they respond to on my blog. I WANT everyone's thoughts and feedback. That doesn't mean that we will always agree and it doesn't mean that there won't be fights. I am sure that there will be.

But here it is: Me

All I ask is that you be kind and respectful of others. Giving your opinion doesn't mean you have to degrade someone else's.

Kisses to all!

Pa'a ka waha...


  1. I completely disagree.

    Just kidding! Getting warmed up, practicing my lines. And judging. oh wait, no, that is against the rules. Damn it!

  2. I will read with abandon. Bring it on!