Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Just how personal should I get...?

What to write about tonight?

I have a lot of topics running around in my head. I guess the question is, how much do I want to share with you people?

Do I trust you?

Do I trust myself?

I mean, lets be honest, am I being totally honest with my writing?

If not, then this is pointless.

So I will go with something a little "on the surface". After my blog on Monday about National Coming Out Day I feel a little raw and I think, for tonight, I will keep things light so as to not overwhelm myself.

So there is a local radio station here 105.9.

This used to be my favorite station.

It was a Christian based radio station and it was wonderful. It's DJs were down to earth and real. They were Christian leaders but they weren't without faults; nor were they afraid to make those faults public information.

They were parents: which means sometimes being frustrated

They were spouses: which means sometimes feeling let-down

They were friends: which means sometimes feeling taken advantage of

They were working Americans: which means sometimes not liking your job

They were Christians: which means sometimes feeling confused or even angry with God

And most of all they were HONEST!

They were uplifting and encouraging. They knew their Bibles and they knew their roles as disciples of Christ. And they were wonderful.

The station played a variety of music from all genres and as long as there wasn't anything inherently "bad" about it, it was fair game to be played.

And at night they played "The John Tesh Radio Show". A favorite program of mine.

Well, this radio station was recently bought out by someone else. The changes are obvious and the station now feels trite and feels, almost, like they take themselves too seriously.

The DJs are perfect. Perfect children, perfect spouse, perfect Christian, always in a good mood, etc.


The music is strictly from Christian artists singing about God.


That isn't how to draw people in! Sure, I can appreciate a great praise and worship song, nothing gets me going like old school SCC with "Diving In" and nothing is as beautiful as "As the Deer", but I sure do like to jam out too. Some good Carrie Underwood or Switchfoot, gimme some of that!

I know somewhere in Austin right now there is a teenage boy who has been broken up with and wants to hear a song about losing their first love. And somewhere else is a tween who is falling in love and wants to hear a song about fairy tales that come true.

And somewhere else is a wife missing her husband who is overseas and wants to hear a song about a soldier defending his country.

THOSE feel like the real issues to me.

And there might be a man out there struggling to lose weight and is missing the tips from John Tesh about healthy living and weight loss tips.

Or maybe a brother and sister are mouring the loss of a parent. One who might still be here but is suffering from Alzheimer's and doesn't remember their children or grandchildren. And they want tips on how to keep their minds sharp so they don't succumb to this same ugly disease.

Don't get me wrong, I love that there are more and more Christ Centered radio stations popping up here and there.

I just don't enjoy the changes I have heard in this one.

Just my thoughts.

What do you think?

Pa'a ka waha...

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  1. I vote for real and honest versus fake. I think it draws more people in. The fake just makes you feel like you are a bad person if you arent perfect. IMHO