Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A Skinny Girl's Weight Loss Diary

Yes, I have been lucky. I have been blessed with a great metabolism.

All my life I have been a skinny girl.

And....my 20's are catching up with me. At 26 (almost 27) I am finding that I cannot continue on the current boat I am on. So, time to disembark and find another boat. I should probably look for one that I paddle myself.

I got married on June 25th of last year. It is March 15th. That is 9 months.

In 9 months I have gained 12 pounds.


Yesterday when I stepped onto the scale at the gym I was expecting bad news. But 12 pounds?


I will not post numbers or before and after pictures at this time. My intention is to do so once I reach my goal weight.

I was supposed to do my bridal portraits in April. I didn't have time last year because by the time my dress came in for the wedding I had just enough time to get it altered before boarding a plane for the Riviera Maya. And after the wedding, well, it became an after thought.

So my intention was to do them this spring. Unfortunately, I don't fit in my dress.

So, my friends, the time has come. I have different expectations of myself then I ever have in the past. I don't want a tiny waist or small arms. I want rockin' abs and toned arms.

I no longer have to focus on "can my pas de deux partner lift me" or "will the camera see the hot dog I ate last night". My ballet and modeling days are behind me.

I have different goals now. I want to run a 5k (actually run it), and do a half-marathon, and a marathon. I want to be healthy.

Because here is the thing. Sure, I am still in the "healthy body weight" range for someone my age and my height.

I am still thin.

I am not healthy.

Time to change.

Instead of doing before pics right now, I will use this one (for some reason it is uploading at the top of this post instead of the bottom). Its from my bachelorette party when I was comfortably in a size 2 dress.

Time for some serious work to begin.

So tonight I went and played indoor volleyball and tomorrow is my first racquetball league game.

Off to a good start.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Circle of Life (yes, I went there)

Wow, do I feel lazy. I haven't blogged in months. There have been things that have come up that I should have written down but (frankly) I forgot my password and was too lazy to do the reset.

Ok, so now I am back and its a new year and a new season.

I love this time of year. Its cool in the mornings, the afternoons are warm and the backyard is starting to look green again. I am blessed to have awesome neighbors with two border collies and a 3 mile trail (that no one knows about) in my backyard. The trail we hike on is technically in Sunset Valley which is an "off-leash" city. The only time the "kids" have to be on leashes is during July and August because that is when the baby dear are born and the city doesn't want your dog eating the babies.

Now to my point. While hiking in the woods on Thursday after work David and I stopped at our normal "water tree" to give Maya a drink and all of the sudden nature showed itself. There was a pack of coyotes probably no more than 50 feet away. They started going crazy; howling, barking, crying, yelping. We quickly put Maya on the leash (lest she make an attempt to join the fun) and stood and listened. You could tell the pack was moving...quickly. They were hunting and they were on something. The yells got more frantic and louder and suddenly.....it stopped.

They caught whatever it was. And (I am sure) death came shortly after that.

Its not that I get sad about the death of an animal, after all it is nature. Had it been MY animal, yes, I would be upset, but that's just the way life goes sometimes.

Needless to say we turned tail and headed home at that point.

Ok, so this blog wasn't real deep, cut me some slack. Now I have to go clean up throw up....we have a sick kitty on our hands.