Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A Skinny Girl's Weight Loss Diary

Yes, I have been lucky. I have been blessed with a great metabolism.

All my life I have been a skinny girl.

And....my 20's are catching up with me. At 26 (almost 27) I am finding that I cannot continue on the current boat I am on. So, time to disembark and find another boat. I should probably look for one that I paddle myself.

I got married on June 25th of last year. It is March 15th. That is 9 months.

In 9 months I have gained 12 pounds.


Yesterday when I stepped onto the scale at the gym I was expecting bad news. But 12 pounds?


I will not post numbers or before and after pictures at this time. My intention is to do so once I reach my goal weight.

I was supposed to do my bridal portraits in April. I didn't have time last year because by the time my dress came in for the wedding I had just enough time to get it altered before boarding a plane for the Riviera Maya. And after the wedding, well, it became an after thought.

So my intention was to do them this spring. Unfortunately, I don't fit in my dress.

So, my friends, the time has come. I have different expectations of myself then I ever have in the past. I don't want a tiny waist or small arms. I want rockin' abs and toned arms.

I no longer have to focus on "can my pas de deux partner lift me" or "will the camera see the hot dog I ate last night". My ballet and modeling days are behind me.

I have different goals now. I want to run a 5k (actually run it), and do a half-marathon, and a marathon. I want to be healthy.

Because here is the thing. Sure, I am still in the "healthy body weight" range for someone my age and my height.

I am still thin.

I am not healthy.

Time to change.

Instead of doing before pics right now, I will use this one (for some reason it is uploading at the top of this post instead of the bottom). Its from my bachelorette party when I was comfortably in a size 2 dress.

Time for some serious work to begin.

So tonight I went and played indoor volleyball and tomorrow is my first racquetball league game.

Off to a good start.

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