Monday, April 9, 2012

Wow, it's been awhile

Here I am again. I have fallen off the blogger wagon. But I am back and I have lots to talk about.

It's been a big year already!

The hubs and I bought a house:

And now we are house broke. I have been doing a ton of DIY projects and I thought I would blog about some of them. Of course, most of them are in a stage of "half-completion" right now, but this blog is going to make me finish them so I can post before and after pics.

I have also been on a health and fitness kick. I started going to boot camp in February and changed my eating habits. During the month of March (when we moved) my butt totally fell off the health and fitness wagon and on to the "I am exhausted and worn out" wagon.

So I am basically back at square 1.


This chick is my motivation because, basically, she rocks.

Ok, tata for now. Can't wait to show off my DIY pics!